Dr. F.S Nkhumeleni


Dr FS Nkhumeleni graduated as a dentist in 1989 and became an orthodontist in 1998, and has been in practice since then.

As a member of the SA Society of Orthodontists, Dr Nkhumeleni received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) in 1989. Following his Bachelor of Dental Surgery he received his Masters of Dental Surgery (MDS) in 1994 followed by his Masters in Dentistry in Orthodontics

(M Dent Ortho) in 1998.

Dr Nkhumeleni was proudly the first qualified black orthodontist in South-Africa.


Dr Nkhumeleni has lectured on both a local and global scale, having lectured at Medunsa, the New York City University and the North Carolina University respectively.

Having worked in Holland Dr Nkhumeleni is passionate about creating beautiful smiles by working together with his patients to achieve their orthodontic goals.

Dr Nkhumeleni Incorporated


Dr Nkhumeleni Incorporated’s main goal is to provide the highest quality care to all its patients.


We’ve created a warm and friendly environment where treatment will be enjoyable for all patients of all ages.


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