DNI Business Success story


Business Coach

This was started in Bethlehem 8 years ago about and unfortunately it was a still birth.It was resuscitated in April 2017 during DPA congress and the results speak for themselves

.over 40 dentists including businesses were mentored this year and counting eg still to visit Dr Matlakala, Drs Masilela and Buleni this year 


Mentees who stepped up were crown DNIpreneurs and about 20 dentists have achieved the elite status. We had 

DNIpreneurs Vaal

DNIpreneurs Limpopo

DNIpreneurs Pretoria early 2018

DNIpreneurs Conference 

This is for the mentees and family plus their dental team happening next year March. This is the opportunity I have been waiting for, namely building a Nudge Community ie happy wealthy healthy community. We will be focusing on the spouses and their kids.

DNI property network 

We have 8 groups of 10 investing in property ie 80 shareholders. A very exciting time indeed. We group fund and buy property for investment. This is a DNI initiative and we can assist any  groups at a fee. We are building passive income so that we dont have to depend on gov and secondly, we want to own part of SA economy legally so.

DNI Business, we have been working everyday for 3 decades to challenge status quo 



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