Excuse me, are you middle class?

Middle class comprise people who earn 86000.00 per year till 1.4M rands p.a. I think is safe to say there are lower middle class category just above the poor middle class. Then followed by upper middle class who can be poor middle class and rich middle class. 

Is your staff middle  class? R86 000.00 per year make your staff middle class. At DNI Business Team consisting myself(high income skills) Stephen Mandigora (finance) and Vusi Vuma (marketing), we have staff pension and life cover thereby making our staff middle class. Our staff bought cars and houses therefore contributed to the economy of this country

Poor middle class

.have a degree or diploma and a job

.wealth doesnt apply here

.blacks are galore here

Rich middle class

.are creating wealth to cater for his her kids and grand kids even great grand kids



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