Your practice is underpaying you if at some point you think that getting employment somewhere else is better than running your business. Your own business supposed to give you independence and enough income so that you can be able to invest for later life. Those who are employed no difference as payroll will spit you out from payroll one day. If you are 5 years in practice min salary as a family provider in my mind should be 80 000.00pm. Beyond 10 years in practice min salary should be 100 000.00pm. What if you are only making 100 000.00 pm? Then you dont have a salary that's why you are stressed out


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If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

Your staff brought you HERE, you need different kind of skills to move one bar up. Your same staff may not have the skills to get you THERE from HERE You may need upskilling on your staff, may need pr

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