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State of the economy 

It is not easy to grow your business in the economy we have right now. Most businesses are not profitable and therefore not paying taxes and thats why gov is broke

These are things we are doing at DNI to remain sustainable

Cut cost

Is hard and most times there is nowhere to cut

Operational efficiency

We want to do what we do faster better and cheaper.


With big business

Thats why DNI is subcontracting to Intercare and NHC. We are like brand house eg in our Polokwane practice. Secondly also in house of brands ie DNI Centurion Bryanston n Northcliff plus Intercare Wonderboom n Kempton park. Known example Woolworth houses different clothes brands ie z house of brands. Polo shop only sell Polo clothes ie a brand house

Is your business a house of brand or a brand house. DNI is both

DNI Business challenging the status quo


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