3 years ago

In 2015

DNI coined Team Endo and recognised them together with Dr Matima

For those who where there, I did say watch these x2 young men referring to Dr Matlakala and Dr Tadi

Dr Matlakala 

Needs no introduction

He is off to present in Switzerland. From all of us in DNI we saw your talent and encouraged you to do your best. And you are doing just that

Dr Tadi

I said a lot already scroll back. He is my guinea pig who fortunately survived all my experiments. 

Dr Twala

We fight kind of fight we have worked together since 1996 to date. And please dont be put off by our fights...is almost an act. We constantly challenge each other and thats look like a fight

I suggest you talk to all people mentioned here privately if you need the truth. Blackness is not homogenous....we too have pockets of excellence and DNI recognises that and applaud that

Dr Matlakala is in Polokwane Tuesday for endo cases ....DNI Limpopo ....the help is at your doorstep

June 16 1976 I was in grade 6, std 4 in our days was 13 years old

DNI Business challenging the status quo 

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