As you grow older your options also narrows


Am 58 years old in a days time. Of late I have been saying no the most to my family suggestions on anything involving money. All I want is to pay off any form of loan and I dont want a new loan. Take risks in your 20s. Moment you have a family any risk you take involves your family and thats not good


I hope not to have a kid anymore looking at how expensive they are. For up to 25 years and over one is supporting a child via school fees or varsity fees. I now understand couples who choose not to have kids, used to think they are selfish but since changed from that perception

Keeping up with the Jones n Khumalos

I really dont care

No one cares too

You just spend money to show off to people who are not even looking at you. 100 years from now no one will remember what car you drove and where you lived.

Your most important asset

Becomes your health

Take care of what you eat

Make sure you maintain your med aid no matter how expensive it is

Everything on earth is designed to kill you

Starting from lifestyle

No one will walk away from this earth alive

Live a little of course always in moderation

Be naughty

Is One life

Merry Christmas n wishing you best 2021

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