Best invention during pandemic

There are two inventions which were helped by pandemic and lockdown

  1. Zoom

  2. Non alcoholic beer

Who had rhought we could work from home especially in Africa? Zoom started only last year and was helped by the pandemic to scale

Non alcoholic beer

I used to think anyone drinking non alcoholic beer should rather drink still water ....and a colleague of mine saw me with a non alcoholic Savanna was told is a waste. I am sure non alcoholic beer sales are on the rise now and probably will be popular now during level 3 lockdown

Look around

While the world is confused, what can you change or invent in your life or business which can change your current reality. Your current reality is negotiable....if you dont like it ..change it ....if you like it bless you

May your success spills over your family and extended families...your community and humanity

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