Best of what 2018 will bring to you and family

DNI Business has been hard at work and touched and changed lives of over 30 practices this year

Please answer the following:

.did you meet your financial goals in 2018?

.Have you identified your critical practice drivers of tour practice?

.Potential obstacles to your growth, marketing, efficiency or productivity ?

.Are your systems and processes efficient repeatable and sustainable?

.what do you want to achieve in 2018?

.do you have a road map for 2018?

If you cant answer yes to most of the above, DNI Business challenging the status quo and has been working everyday for 3 decades to make sure you answer a YES 

For the elite group, DNIpreneurs you are all invited to DNIpreneurs Conference where will talk about real life stuff in business and life. Please bring your whole family. We will have kiddies money program. This is exclusive for DNIpreneurs. We are awaiting suggested topics. See where you will be staying

Date weekend before Good Friday in 2018

Lastly DNI events this year

Dr Tadi 27 November

Dr Matlakala 2 Dec

Dr Masilela 9 Dec

For those who supported DNI thank you. And we are proudly welcoming Dr Twala Inc practices as DNIpreneur. Dr Twala you have bragging rights today only and you are invited to DNIpreneurs Conference with like  all DNIpreneurs with your support staff and family. Remember The Nudge Community I long wanted to build?If you have forgoten google Nudge Community...they are happy healthy and wealthy....I talked about the Nudge Community 5 years is mission to be life long dream happening in my lifetime

DNI Business challenging the status quo and building the Nudge Community 

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