Blacks dont talk about money and sex

Before lockdown no money talks and no sex talk. During lockdown they are talking only about sex.

Lets talk about money. Ignoring it is equivalent to suicide post coronavirus.The tide is gonna go down and those who are swimming naked will be exposed

Instead of 21 days binging on TV and useless online shopping n subscription I suggest you put your finances in order


Be greatful if still getting your salary or a part of your salary. Transport costs for you n kids are zero no spending money at the malls. These savings ie transport costs petrol transport for kids can pay kids creche or school fees in advance. Dont spend money on unnecessary online shopping because of boredom. Woman up Man up and save

Business owner or self employed

It will be a fight to stay alive as there wont be the usual number of customers coming to your door. Also you are not travelling do as above as part of salaries rent suppliers. You wont get gov support if you are not tax compliant. This is time to get an accountant and register as a taxpayer....are you paying income tax Vat uif paye?. If not get an accountant and a lawyer for in case Sars come to your business....if not compliant they will go back few years hit you with a fine and penalties for noncompliant. If you have the way you are an employee too ...your wife too if she works with need to be registered as a taxpayer. If you cant pay your salaries your staff will go to uif to apply for assistant and you will be required to show uif that you have registered them and you are paying over their uif.....if you were swimming naked you will be exposed

If already on a financial cliff

No money

Get gov assistant if tax compliant

Talk to your insurers

Make your RA paid off

Speak to creditors ask for 3 months payment holiday most bank have this holiday as standard even before lockdown

Ladies n gentlemen if you have been swimming naked or intend swimming naked the tide is down you will be exposed

Examples where we are exposedby coronavirus during lockdown

Homeless will have temporary shelter..shame on us

Our healthcare system is fragile

We dont have enough icu

We dont have enough drs

Junk status

Saving SAA

Small businesses need support


Undisciplined during lockdown

Gap between poor n rich huge

We have Alexander n Diepsloot

Professionals cant get jobs incl drs

We need to put SA economy on ventilators in icu

DNI Business, this time, connecting the dots

Post coronavirus, DNI Business will be once more challenging the status quo

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