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Most people invest all their monies and salary into their businesses. For example Elon Musk 

Mark Zuckeberg 

Steve Jobs only got 1 dollar per annual salary....yes 1 dollar

Most of us dont pay ourselves a descent salary from our businesses.  Unlike Elon Musk and Steve Jobs they get shares and dividends but carry on investing in the business. Such business where you dont get a salary is not ideal unless it will have a great return from your salary you invested in it or you are building a big asset of value so that day you sell it you will have money to live on happily after for the rest of your days. If none of these two and your are not getting R80k pm if you are 5 years in business or not getting more than R80k pm salary if more than 10 years in business you need help. R80k is your salary not turnover. 

If you are not getting R80k pm salary from your business but you have other sources of income then you are doing well

DNI Business challenging the status quo 

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