Can I retire at 60 years of age?


That's in 2 years time


For two reasons

1.My dad is still alive in his mid 90s going strong. If I retire at 60 ie in 2 years time. I will outlive all the savings and by 95 if I go that far will be lucky to have a house or a rusted car. Probability is that I will only have some ornaments.

2. Millenial kids

Spoilt n lazy n has no ambition...cant afford themselves. They dont get independent unfortunately and remain on parents payroll for as long as beyond 30 years of age

Could I had avoided these?

Definitely, had I not wasted my 20s n 30s I should have long retired. Some waste their 20s n 30s by doing silly stuff ie buying stuff and living beyond their means. I just cruised along in my 20s n 30s and only realised it in my 50s. I have very few options now I have to make it as only 7 years to 65 years of age.... I am now doubling up, optimizing n leveraging back to back to catch up on lost time. It needs a lot of focus and dedication n descipline and most difficult decade of my life. I will have to work unfortunately till am 68 years of age if health permits....I cant rely on kids supporting us as they can't support themselves right now
I will be happy in future
That is a mythical never happens, I thought would be happy after varsity, after getting married, when had kids. All these has no effect ie doesnt add more happiness may be reduce though as kids are costly. Trick is live in the moment, is one life live it

In conclusion
Work every working hour in your 20s n 30s...outwork competition...create sources of passive income. Retire in your 50s. Catching up in your 50s is tricky you have to be lucky like some of us. Is wisdom came late for me am grateful for the late wisdom

May 2021 be your best year ever
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