Chapter 58 today #since01.01.1963

When I was a child I wanted to be a rich man and also retire at 45. Thats not my current reality though. Fortunately reality can be negotiated ie I am negotiating with my reality because I dont like it right now. Am working on changing it. Do you like your current reality? If you dont change it....if you like it bless you

Chapter 68

Will be the conclusion on active professional duties after 42 years.... as I will have limited or no options in 10 years. By 2031 I would have treated You, your child and grandkids may be possibly great grand kids as well. From this day 01.01.2021 onwards, I am going to leverage all and optimize all so that my book ends on this chapter, chapter 68. DNI will end in 2031 31st December. There is lifespan in business: can close down...owner has no vuma...can sell it for pension....if lucky becomes a family legacy if your kids followed your profession or trade. DNI will close or be sold no family legacy anticipated


Dont waste your 20s n 30s. Risk more do more be more here so that you can retire early. As you get older options narrows too. Create passive income and multiple streams of income in your 20s n 30s. Average life span is said to be 85 years. 85 minus 58 is 27 years

I.e may be left with 27 Christmases

May go to the beach only 27 times if health permits else less than 27 times. Get knowledge in your 20s, win in your 30s n 50s, rest in your 60s. Ultimate one rest in your 50s. You will have very few options as you get older may not have wisdom came late like some of us but will be too risky to hope and wait for wisdom came late as you msy not be lucky as some of us. There is no safe place in life....playing it safe is a myth unfortunately

It takes a long time to get results

Apple Facebook Amazon Microsoft all took 25 years to scale (10x ) their businesses. You may think you still have time before you know you will be 55 and then fewer options will be available for you

All you need is



Delayed gratification and rewards will come downstream in the end

Welcome to Chapter 58 wishing you best 2021

Whatever you are up to in 2021, make sure is profitable. Unfortunately the economic woes of the 2020 lockdown may be surfacing from 2021.....check out our prev blog 'DNI survival kit'

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