Dentistry 2030

If you wont be practising anymore please ignore

The 4th Industrial revolution is upon us. Technology continues to disrupt all sectors of economy including denistry


.dental laser

Some jobs will be obsolete by 2030. I dont think there will be a dental technician anymore. Every practice will have a Cerec and equivalent. Dr You and Ousie Sarah wont exist. Zama zama practices will disappear as the communities are becoming sophosticated. Most adults are removing zama zama dental jobs  and doung endo and crowns and I dont think they will let their kids have zama zama jobs on their teeth. If your practice is only alive cause of zama zama be warned

Embrace technology and be a DNIPRENEUR @750 per hour plus 3.50 per km outside 100km from Pretoria

DNI Business challenging the status quo 

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