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DNI Business Extraordinaire has enjoyed the success of its new startup, namely Dental Coach since its relaunch during last DPA conference in April 2017

We have over 10 Drs in our data base we coaching. The current Modus operandi is going to change except for Dr Tadi, Dr Tsoka and may be Dr Obaro and Tong due to longterm agreement we have

New Focus

DNI will host breakfast meetings for 2 hours in Pretoria once every 2 weeks.  During that meeting which will be limited to 15 Drs at a time. During the breakfast meeting which will cost 100.00 per head, I will explain why tou need to join DNI Business Extraordinaire...ie the benefits and value DNI will bring to your practice and subsequently your personal life. When the practice is not foing well unfortunately your life gets hammered as well as per our pilot project we had since April 2017.

DNI Business Extraordinaire will be available to have breakfast meeting in all provinces provided you have 15 min Drs and therapist who wants to hear to be a dental entrepreuneur...ie that is the only condition plus 100.00 per practioner. Those who will need more coaching can sign up during breakfast or later but breakfast meeting is only information No Obligation otherwise ie you dont have to sign up for further coaching if you dont wish to.


Limpopo....Polokwane and other drs can arrange nearer their practices Min 15 practioners


Pretoria ...only and Pretoria will have breakfast meeting fortnightly 


Mafikeng will be prefered....far colleagues can arrange own venues as well

Northen Cape 



Choose your venue 




Can suggest own venue

Actual focus will be one on one remotely ie the actual Coaching where necessary a visit will be planned. During breakfast meeting sugns and symptoms for your practice will be documented for later diagnosis and treatment plan of your practice

In addition to Dental coaching, DNI will train and coach Dentists dental assistants and Oral hygienists so that they add value to your practices immediately as you employ them.Training for Dental assistants will be for free. We will become a Dental placement agent for Dentists hygienists and dental assistants. Our fee will be 5 percent of Dentist salary and 10 percent of Hygienists and assistant salary

Your practice success depends on your Coaching as a Dr and your staff coaching

Your Dental Coach 

DNI Business Extraordinaire 


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