DNI Employee Benefit Program


The day you move to the cost or farm to retire, will your current employee show something for making you stinking rich?

Or you dont care?

Most of your employees will be applying for SASA grants when you stop paying them. Who cares I guess? 

Minimum wage has been approved by parliament. You have to adhere


You are expected to do more for your staff. At DNI all staff have 250.00pm RA and currently working on life cover funeral cover and group cover for staff 350.00 per staff. We have middle class staff just by doing these ...to be middle class you need to earn 86000.00 per year. Are your staff middle class ? How do you expect to eradicate poverty if you pay peanuts?

DNI Business challenging the status quo 

We have added more benefits


Loss of income

Life cover and disability 

Funeral cover

Adds up to 500.00 about per employee

Inbox me if you want to care for your employees incl your domestic worker

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