Dont squander your 20s n 30s opportunities

This is a message to my 20something self

Ladies n gentlemen

You err by act or ommision something wrong

Ommision.....not do anything

I erred by omission and thats my life regret

Rewind 25 years old just graduated

I should have worked very hard save and invested a lot and get married after 30 years of age. From 25 years of age till early 30s I should have gain life skills business skills financial skills so that from 30 years onwards should have been winning in life and in business till about 55 and then retire

Life expectancy 85

If we are going to die at 85 does it matter when you retire? Oh yes, if you retire at 45 or 55 you have 30 to 40 years doing what you want. If you retire at 70 you will have 15 years only.

People who have made big

Warren Buffett

Bill Gates

Elon Musk

Steve Jobs to mention a few all started in their teens and they compounded their wealth for 40 or more years

If you dont have a vision, your future becomes your present which unfortunately soon becomes your past.

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