Dr FS Nkhumeleni memoirs to the world

I would like to thank my parents and my family who saw some good in me as a child. They spent their last dollar on me for my education. Lost my mom in April, hope this puts a smile on her face as she is looking down on us

It all started from survival throughout my childhood up to when I started working. Security kicked in and I felt 'I have arrived'.

Success came

I uplifted my family and my life. HAD I JUST LOOKED AT MY SUCCESS;  I WOULD HAVE BEEN A SELFISH BEING. Intstead I have been mentoring my family for decades who are at school. I still even today check my family and extended family school reports every term, next visit is second week November.  My family has moved from poverty to now educated middle class business people. Going out to the community, we have improved 8 schools infrastructures and also started a library. Beyond my community i also helped humanity by creating DNIpreneurs and counting

In the end....how would you want you had lived?

I would not like to be remembered as that Dr who made few rands but instead THAT DR WHO CHANGED MY LIFE

Ladies and gentlemen, live life of significance not life of success


.self only you are selfish

.include family

.include community 

.include humanity

From the bottom of my heart and uncensored xxxrated

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