Financial checklist for 2021

Your health

Your health is your wealth. With the advanced medical treatments we can stay alive up to 85 years if age depending on your lifestyle. 85 minus your age equals remaining Christmases you will have. Do your regulsr checkups with your GP

Household contents insurance

Those who bought more staff make sure you let your insurance know and is updated. You may be underinsured

Car Insurance

A car is a depreciating asset. Make sure you let insurance adjust the value and your premium accordingly. For those who think a car is an asset ignore the message and keep paying higher insurance

Bank statements

Have a good look at your statements. Are all debit orders legit? Can you account for all debit orders?

Increase your Retirement annuity

By law you can contribute a max of R350 000 per anum alone or including what your work place is contributing. You can therefore add a lump sum to pay the balance and thats tax deductible ie Sars pay you back. This must be done by end of February. You will need RA certificate when you do your tax returns . Those who are paying RA monthly please increase your contribution on its anniversary date as per communication

Medical aid

Spouse who earns more need to pay for med aid cause is tax deductible. You need Med aid certificate when you do your tax returns. It is also time to review the plan you are under change it or update it. If you dont tell your med aud by default you will find self on same plan. You may be paying more from January

Going on holiday

Make sure your alarm is working. If you get break in and alarm not working your insurance may not pay you

Prepaid electricity

Make sure you have enough credits if going away

January expenses

Before you spoil self for all your hard work make sure you have money to take care of your deb orders else they will bounce

Loyalty rewards

Make sure you cash them before they expire

Update your will

DNI Business challenging the status quo

Good morning

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