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I met my patient, an english teacher who is leaving a profession to start her own business. She will be reading these, and my grammar has to be correct on this post. Before I forget, thank you for donating your late dad books to one of my eight schools I have been looking after

When you start a business, it starts by an idea which haunts you for a while. It is that first move from your comfort zone which determines your success. The next step will be for you to define and refine your business and what you will be doing. For example, Bmw Motors sell cars. Dr Nkhumeleni Incorporated  (DNI) sells braces. DNI Business sells business coaching and mentoring

Next will be market to special groups like the unions as you told me and suggest you look for more special interest groups and the public in general

 Do a good job and people will talk. Get involved in social media and may be look for jobs from print media as young people are not creative nor can spell anymore since cell phones were invented

I hope this help and please keep me informed and will be happy to assist with ideas anytime

Once more thank you for the books you are donating to my school library project

DNI Business challenging the status quo 

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