You may be wealthy in 10 years

It takes a lot to say a family is wealthy, takes 3 generations for a family to be wealthy. Me and you are probably only people who got our family out of poverty ie we are first generation. We need to pass it on to our kids who will subsequently pass it on to their kids. If successfully done then the family will be refered to as a wealthy family ...

If is just you and me we are only middle class and family is likely to go back into poverty day me and you die. Conversely, it takes 3 generations to destroy generational wealth

.1st generation builds

.2nd generation spend it

.3rd generation..grand kids sell it

It takes 3 years to get you out of poverty to middle class. There is lower and middle subclass which is still poor. Last is upper middle class who are getting rich. It will take another 7 years to get one from middle class to financial freedom...this stage takes Descipline n constant effort n focus to build income generating assets. Total 10 years to create wealth

This is how you build generational wealth below

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