Get wisdom in your youth, later in life there is not much value believe me

18 to 35 years of age

Get wisdom now not late like some of us who still have no idea when we will retire....we love our job story is a lie...we cant afford to stop working

18 to 35 years the earlier you start investing the less money is required as you have lots of years to compound your investment. No matter what happens in life you will grow your investment and everything will be free lunch at age 65 years

35 to 45

You are late you will have to invest a lot more money and you will probably not retire like some of included at 65 years of age

45 and above

Figure out how you will commit suicide at age 65 years of age sorry to tell you. If you survive suicide the harsh will pick you up from work

Youth get your wisdom earlier....wisdom when you have grey hair wont help you that much

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