Have a million rands for your pension, sorry in 25 years time you will be living off SASA grant

Christmas is coming soon and I would like to share some facts of life

1000 000.00 in your pension

Retire at 50 years of age

You will get 4000.00 pm for 25 years and it will be finished. Can you live on 4000.00pm looking at your current lifestyle? 4000.00 will probably pay your med aid only

Retire at 65 years

25 years later it will be finished n unless ou commit suicide at 80 years you too will be living off SASA grant or being look after by your kids provided you made them ambitious 


Create multiple sources of income.  Tone down on your great lifestyle 

My grade 2 teacher had car accident few days ago is a write off over 70 years of age.she wont afford another car cause she only has pension as a source of income n doubt if is 4000.00pm like example above

Good morning 

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