House of brands type of business...why I am with NHC

Yesterday we talked about brand house eg Polo and istore

I prefer House of brands where I partner with the big brand as you automatically look good and visible to customers visiting the centre. Thats why I love NHC and in partnership for past 7 years in Centurion, Northcliff, Bryantson n now Thohoyandou

Nhc is an established brand and I like shared economy business model. Their architectural style and features are top norch and hence their buildings are iconic

As Nhc is a house of brands like Woolworths clothes you will find many other brands under same roof eg DNI plus many others. You have shared costs, shared services and technology which makes it cheaper and puts more money in your pocket eg Nhc handles the infrastructure and front desk plus accounts and they are very good as they have capacity


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