How do I have more money every month?

To have more money every month do following in short term

.earn more

.spend less

In longterm


.finance money generating assets such as investment property ...shares and stocks...RA ...endowments...start a business. These can be done by employed people as well. There is no get rich quick a long haul

If you are in business

Cut costs n increase your income

Increase income by

.more businesses of same or diversify

.sell more

.charge more

.sell more products n services

.manage your taxes by registering a pty or inc

.Maintain expenses same as you increase income...dont buy a Range Rover yet

When do you buy a Range Rover

.when you have enough income generating assets

.when you no longer trade your time for income eg I was off yesterday and I am off today and income wont be affected as I run systems managed business not owner managed business...most of us cant afford Range Rover without balloon payment or so called lease...disclaimer I dont own a Range Rover as it is a generating asset for the bank ...I dont work for the bank

.the poor n middle class use debt to buy a Range Rover and trade time to pay debt

.the rich and wealthy use assets to buy a Range Rover ....and they never work their assets work for them ie the money they invested work for them whilst the poor and middle class work for money

Folks we are all self ...middle class...poor is all the net effect of your decisions. Dont like it ...change it ..negotiate with your current reality

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