How is your two and quarter family doing


I was priviledged to have one great grandmother until I was 20 years of age. Do to financial I couldnt attend her funeral and being first to be at varsity in my family, all eyes were on me. She knew life was hard and she used to tell me "mudzimu a si nwana"

My x2 grand parents died when I was in my late 40s, my kids also have great grand parents. Being first born either way I was the most loved grand kid till all others were born. I saw love through them. My one granny died when she was 115.

I was always facinated by role of uncles, they always assumed position 1 followed by aunts. And as a child I had the responsibility to impress my aunts and uncles by behavior or school report. These are people you couldnt disappoint

My mom died last and I was in my mid 50s, my dad is still alive and kids oldest 26 still have grand parents but due to two and quarter family arrangement, they are missing the benefit and wisdom of grand parents

Today is is two and quarter families

.husband wife

.2 kids



In my opinion this is the reason why our kids are not as ambitious as us. We have annihilated the family fabric and now paying the price

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