How my practice has evolved in 3 decades

My first practices where in the townships since then blacks where not allowed to do business in towns and suburbs

A year after our democracy whites moved away from CBD to the surburbs.  I managed to get at Louis Pasteur in 1995 whilst it was empty. Rent then was dead cheap. Blacks as in patients were keen to come to consult in town and business was booming 

Black middle class started growing and more blacks moved to Surburbs.  My practices then moved to Suburbs and middle class was my niche in the last 5 to 7 years. The niche is small and one has to charge morw than med aid to stay afloat. 

I am back in the township since a year ago ie Mabopane and Sebokeng and Soweto.  The patients are very different financially from the patients I saw in the township when i started practice ...todays township patients are also middle class surprisingly enough

Where to from here?

I will hold on and grow organically 

DNI Business 

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