I wish I knew in my 20s

Inesting in shares over 10 to 20 or more years is probably one of the best investment one could have. You can double your money a few times due to compounding.

Day trading shares

Am talking about these. This is no different from gamblingbit those who have mastered it make lots of money. This also called active trading.

Passive share trading is my choice . You buy when is low and sell when is high simple as that. You only have one thing you can control ie the price you pay for a share you decide to buy or not . What happens after buying it you have zero control. You just when is high sell buy when is low.

Watch shsres at 9.30am at open and 4.30 when shares trading closes. You can decide during those times if you are buying or selling shares

This can add into your basket of passive and residual income snd retirement

DNI Business challenging the status quo


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