If I become a president in 2019


We are all worried about way things are going at the moment. We seem to be on a slippery road to be kind at least

If am elected president, just painting a scenario of course am not in that space. 

I will up the bar on the following

.Treasury and Sars to where it used to be ie used to be the only corporate like functional dept

.Small businesses are the only ones who will create jobs faster eg in Mauritius you can get your pty in 14 days and start operating. Tax is standard 15 percent max. 

.NDP would be actually be revived and on course

.write off etolls and appologise to the citizens

.Withdraw new moning charter

.crack down on law and order

.crack down on corruption

Close your eyes ......recesion is gone right ?

DNI Business 


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