It is always better to own the building where you working than renting

Hi all

If you are going to work for 20 years or more as per Einstein what you owe or pay or invested doubles around every 7 years

Your med aid increase doesnt balance these off and it is therefore at some stage going to be unsustainable to carry on renting

Netcare announced last week that it is exiting the UK market. Netcare was the biggest private hospitals in the UK under NHS.....equivalent to our NHI. They couldnt keep up with rental increases of premise relative to small NHS fee increase. They had no options but to close shop

In SA where they own buildings they are doing well

Some business models in SA are forced to sell equity to investors ie those who are renting premises due to same reasons

When I started a practice in pta in 1995 my rent was 3500.00 pm and by time I gave it up 3 years ago it was nearing 40 000pm. 

Renting your premise longterm becomes unsustainable especially if fees are not increasing proportionally 

DNI business challenging the status quo 

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