Last Baby Boomer will be retiring in 12 years oldest is 73 years old

With tech and med innovation aka 4th industrial revolution most of us are likely to live up to 80 years of age. If you retire at 65 you may go on for 20 more years.

Will you commit suicide at 65 day you retire? If yes dont read further

Those who wont commit suicide may live for 20 years. Ideally life after 65 must maintain same life style you have now or better if you have managed your lifestyle expenses before 65 well. You ought to live your best life till your last breath, not downgrading to small car or small house by forced situation. You must also not only let your kids inherit your surname, your genes and your debts. You must leave enough inheritance for your kids and grandkids. You therefore need to make lots and invest lots as well. If you are still worrying about VAT and tax then you are not making money. Only way to manage your expenses is not to cut as there is nothing to cut but to earn more. DNIPRENEURS know that

Baby boomers had the most money and kept economy glibally alive. They are disappearing soon. I you are born between 1945 and 1965 you are a Baby Boomer 

DNI Business challenging the status quo 


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