Where should a specialist practice?

Hi all

Due to our past segmented living, specialists may not know where to practice. Incidentally there are poor middle class in the suburbia and majority of middle class are still in the townships who have a little more disposable income than those in suburbs. 

Where will be ideal for a specialist to pra tice






Is still profitable and popular for specialists. The only problem is navigating your way and parking especially in big cities


Are favorites but in terma of numbers specialist may not make the budget. Otherwise is ideal but if your income depends on numbers you may not make the rent


We just called a patient few hours ago to come fit braces as med aid has just approved. There is a member liable to be paid member told us there are still borrowing from the neighbours they will let us know. I then suggested that they will pay next time the child must come and fit. He came and we fitted and will pay next month. Another patient was to pay member liable as well they came and member said they dont have money today. The township folks are honest and they expect the specialist to understand. Hope the landlord will understand as wellwhen rent is due.


The trickiest of them all

Even though there is no longer Group Areas act, there are a lot fewer black patients in the surburbs. Opening a practice in the Surburbs on your own unless is a Lexus practice is not easy to pull it off

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