Your most expensive assets


The list below makes up your most expensive assets, without these you would be a wealthy person. Here they are,

You kids incl school fees varsity fees

Your home

Your car or cars

Add up the costs of x3 above and the total is R.......? If you get rid if these, excuse me when your kids are independent, your home is paid off, your car is paid off ....yes you know the total x 12 months ...R...? That makes you a rich middle class or a poor middle class

You earn your most money from 47 to 57 years of age and especially when you dont have to look after your kids, no car or bond payment....and obviously if you will never stop working ie if you are not investing right now. Having kids between 47 and 57 equates to suicide ....they may be a gift from your but around this ages they are liabilities 

In summary

It is not how much you earn that matter but how much you spend and furthermore how much you take home or invest.

You may be unlucky and live up to 100 years please provide for later in life and the next generation need not only be left with your surnames and your genes and your debts

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